Monday, May 22, 2006

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley , there can't be better name to this documentary about Microsoft and Apple. Its released in 1999, and finally got opportunity to watch it. The way the two companies proceeded , and their ups and downs are very interesting. The actors who played roles of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have done a good job. I liked the casual wardrobe of Steve Jobs. Microsoft killed Apple with cheaper(yes, Microsoft's products are cheaper than Apple's) software and cheaper Hardware (IBM clones). Now we feel Microsoft's products are costlier. After this documentary is made, Apple recovered a lot. And Microsoft started to struggle (my personal opinion ;-) ). Lets see, still more interesting things are going to happen.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Thoughts on EntrePreneurship

I am an Entrepreneur  now , eventhough its difficult for me to spell 'Entrepreneur' ( Its correct, I just copied from a dictionary). Recently came across an article about Eship (please understand it, i can't type 'Enterpreneurship' again and again). Its at Its just reflected the reasons i had some time before.  The blog have many more articles on Eship, help yourself, if you are intereseted.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google's Da Vinci Code  - This webpage shows a contest about DaVinci Code and it is sponsored by Google. I guess it would be some sort of puzzles contest and it might be Google's recruitment trick. The contest is not yet started, it will be starting on 17th April 2006.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Linux in Indian Corporates

Today read a surprising news at slashdot, LIC India, signed an  agreement with Redhat to move into Linux. Its nice to see Linux
being accepted at more and more places and growing like anything. (slashdot article) .   Meanwhile Steve Ballmer recently said that Linux is violating M$'s IPs. There is no wonder , if it sues Linux in coming months for IP violation. Recently read an  article, how Microsoft's stand changes towards Linux in last four years (sorry i lost the link). M$ four years back said, Linux is not at all a threat and only piracy is threat to Microsoft. Today it is spending millions to generate fake (I think so) reports in the name of  Get the facts. Slowly Linux is raising , with support from everyone except M$....

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Riya - Review

I recently tried Riya . Its just another photo organising tool with great new features. It can recognize your faces in the photograph. It works , by this way. First you upload all the photographs you have. Then it will start will identfiy faces and ask you who is that . Train it by saying he is tom , he is jerry etc.. Once you train it to good extend, it will start to identify tom and jerry itself. Then you can search for all photographs of Tom or Jerry or Both.
Sometimes it recognize faces in a good way, for example it recognized even a statue's face in the photograph. Another time, it recognized a heroine's face on the wallposter (In a photograph, which is taken on a road).

It works well , But it needs lot of improvements. People will like it, if it is running on local machine (now , riya is uploading all photographs to their website and then processing it). Algorithms need to be improved. Sometimes it is missing some faces, which can be very easily detected. If you are trying Riya , send a friend request to palam dot c at gmail doot coom, after that you search my photographs also.

Opensource for SmallBiz

Recently I spent some time (almost a day) for searching open source software for small business units. I am looking for some software to track everything in small business (customers,vendors,payments,communication with contacts etc...) , But sadly nothing matched my expectation. I am searching for some software like mediawiki, for editing tables. It should be something similar to google's Base, where anyone can create a table and add fields to it. In other words, I need editable webbased tables. suprisingly i found wikidb , but it is still in proposed state, nobody started to develope it. Maybe it is waiting for me. I am thinking of doing it, after 1 or 2 months, when i am getting free time.

Finally installed mediawiki alone for documentation purpose. Wikimedia is simple and fits well for that category. I installed WAMP (windows + Apache + Mysql + PHP ) also to make mediawiki to run. WAMP is a great package for newbies, I installed all of them in single click.
Mediawiki helps a lot of internal documentation, its a must for all businesses and corporates.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Google - Related Link

As usual Google released, another tool this month also. "Related Links" ( will put links on your website related to your website. This won't generate reveneue for  web masters, just a google's guide to user. I just put that on top of blog. Its showing lot of links related to blogs...


The Summer of 2006 started. I just realised that when i see Mangoes on
near by shop. School boys started to play on ground opposite to my
house, almost for whole day.Temperature is also rising and local
newspaper is saying that no water for daily distribution. Mysore is
very hotter than Bangalore. But I might have missed the real summer
in Bangalore, because of air conditioned offices. Power cuts are also
started and its a pain for a small tech company running without any
backup options. I never thought power cuts will create a problem. We
should look for some backup option soon.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The New Way .....

I am not going to tell any reason, why i stopped blogging for long time and i am not going to commit that i will blog regularly hereafter. It already happened three times !!!!. In this big break, i moved from Analog Devices to Orizin. I believe that i am on right track, and things are going well. My way of life, almost changed. I can even write a book about it. Lot of things i lost and Lot of things i gained in every aspect.
that's what as of now, will blog more hereafter (hopefully, but no commitment)
Way to go.....